With so many English schools in Brazil, why are only 3% of the population fluent?

Beetools was born from questions like this. We prefer to ask questions than make promises. To bring innovation and real learning to the public, we take the risk of thinking and rethinking the market.

With each doubt, a new discovery

We are flexible with hours and through with bureaucracy. This is the Beetools way of teaching English.

With technology that facilitates learning and helps us to understand the difficulties of each student Learning with games and rewards

More than just a school, we’re a Smart School that never stops learning.

We’ve learned to question the market. We’ve learned to teach. We’ve learned to always keep learning. We’ll continue doing exactly that.

An English teacher, a technology Startup and the desire to change language teaching

In 2017, Fabio Ivatiuk, who had been a teacher and owner of language schools for 10 years, met the staff of Beenoculus, both of whom had the objective of working with education in a different way. The Startup, a pioneer of Extended Reality in Brazil, had won many awards in Brazil and abroad. However, what still lacked in its rise was a case of Virtual Reality being applied to disruptive education. When Fabio showed up, it was the perfect opportunity to apply all of his know-how in language teaching. The former franchisee had long felt uncomfortable with the students' lack of interest in going to school. He was also struck by the fact that a very small percentage of the students who started the English course at his schools completed it. What was most worrying, was the lack of students who had completed the course and had actually mastered the language. So together, they founded Beetools in the Curitiba-PR city.

The project started with a clear objective: to find a solution to everything that was not working in language teaching

To do it, they started with the methodology, by searching outside the country for those who had the most modern concepts in the field. Thus, they began implementing the active teaching methodology called Flipped Classroom. Using this method, the teacher acts as a guide for the student, and ceases to be the only source of knowledge. The student studies in a much more participative, and less passive way. In addition, as a way of solving problems and exploiting opportunities, they have implemented the use of artificial intelligence, Big Data, Gamification, and, of course, Virtual Reality. This was perhaps the largest innovation implemented by Beetools, since the format of VR classes had been unheard of by then. To make these classes fun, the team has created a series and each episode is a chapter in which the student acts as one of the characters. In addition, the entire series has been recorded with real actors in a 180-degree chroma-key studio. That is, the actors are real, but the whole scenario has been done using computer graphics. Therefore, the student experiences a real immersion because he talks to real people, at the same time he could be, at any moment, on a street in New York, at the airport or even at a pharmacy in the United States.

A group of 35 people have worked intensively on the project so that it could be launched in record time

In addition to the team, the company also had several consultants in areas such as Neuroscience, Neurolinguistic Programming, User Experience, and Process Management, among others. Since its launch, Beetools has achieved significant and unprecedented results in the market. Even before the public launch the company had already signed a contract with 12 franchised units. The company made its national launch in June of 2018 at Expo ABF, the largest franchise fair in Latin America. In only the first month after its launch, 8 more contracts were signed in 3 different states.

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