Have you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur?

How about undertaking a profitable business and even changing the way you teach and learn a language?

All this with technologies that ease the students learning and helping us to understand each of their difficulties

Only 3% of Brazilians master English. Why does this make Beetools a good business?

We prefer to ask questions rather than make promises. We have questioned the market and find that traditional methods are ineffective.

They do not innovate. They do not engage students and cannot measure learning. Out of this scenario, Beetools was born. The first Smart Language School.

For franchisees, a different model with 100% automated management.

At Beetools, what will the student have?

  • Learning with games and rewards
  • Classes scheduled using the app for whenever you want
  • A personal learning journey
  • No registration fees or contracts
  • Virtual Reality in every class
  • Online teaching material
  • IBM Watson Technology (Artificial Intelligence and Big Data)

We are a good business because we like to learn and we learn to teach!

Franchise Advantages

  • 3 options for school models: renovated property, container or commercial building space
  • Technology + Personal learning journey = Mass Customization
  • A 100% automated system. Less operational time, more strategic management time
  • VR training for teachers and employees
  • Continuous consulting in all areas (marketing, financial, design and teaching)
  • Full-time IT support
Student Advantages
Franchise Advantages